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Based in Hampshire and having lived here my entire life, I am in the perfect position to be able to offer my freelance SEO and digital marketing services to business throughout the area. There are many interesting small businesses and family businesses throughout the cities, towns and villages that make up Hampshire, all of which have the opportunity to grow online with my help.

Hampshire is home to many entrepreneurs, small businesses and an eclectic mix of online and offline trades, which all can look to the internet to increase their visibility, customers and leads. From ecommerce businesses through to local tradespeople, the internet has allowed businesses of all sizes to capture new customers and traffic from those within Hampshire, the UK and even internationally!

I offer freelance services to help with every aspect of your online presence. From getting your websites on-page SEO correct, building a useable and easy to navigate website through to building reviews and getting your brand found on social media. Each business is different and I can tailor and look at an approach that suits not only how your existing business runs, but grows in a direction that works for you.

I love working with interesting businesses, fully embracing and grasping their product so that I not only know the customers that we want to attract to the website, but can tailor the website and brand towards converting them and just as important, bringing them back!

Although SEO or “Search Engine Optimisation” is the widely used term for the industry I work within, I offer a service that can include all elements of online work, having experience in not only digital marketing, but also web design and other services.

I can work with your business, from one off SEO audits and changes through to ongoing monthly work, which could include certain elements of work or handling your whole online journey!

Why use a Freelancer for your SEO?

As a freelancer in Hampshire, who only has a select amount of clients at any one time, you only need to worry about your one point of contact, me! Sometimes working with an agency can lack the personal touch. I am far more flexible, working with you as a partner and tailoring the work I do around what you need and when you need it doing.

I work with clients that spark an interest in me, learning about and loving your product and mission just as much as you. I really love the work I carry out and genuinely enjoy seeing a client grow because of their online presence. Having over 20 years of experience and working with the internet from a very young age I have built up many skills that allow me to help with just about any online task, meaning that I could be the only freelance consultant you need.

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Areas in Hampshire…

Here are some of the main areas in Hampshire where I can offer my freelance SEO services.