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Small Business SEO

As a small business, getting your SEO and digital marketing strategy right can be the key to becoming more successful and growing your client and customer base. With the majority of people using the internet to search for small and local businesses, without a website or an online presence, you could be missing out!

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Building your online presence…

Small business owners appreciate just how important it is to get online, but how many get further than putting up a simple website? We all know how frustrating it can be launching a new website and waiting for those first customers to contact or sales to come in, but the reality is without a good SEO and digital marketing strategy you are very unlikely to drive much traffic to your website.

For small businesses and startups, getting the fundamentals right on your website and putting in a plan of action to grow over time, can really help push you ahead of your competitors. There are many services available as part of the work I can carry out, with a plan tailored over time depending on the type of business and current position.

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How digital marketing can help your business…

Although many businesses are looking for “SEO”, I offer a service which includes all aspects of digital marketing and web work. From the basics of getting your websites optimisation correct, through to content growth, building reviews, getting noticed on social media and much more.

Not only this but by working with your websites design elements and layout I can help create a better experience for the visitors coming to your website, when it comes to not only the overall look of your brand, but the ease of finding the information and pages they need. Even if you have just had a brand new website, there are tweaks and ongoing changes that can be made to get the most out of it.

My aim is to get eyes on your website and brand from your ideal visitors and customers, drawing their eye away from the competition. Ongoing work can help grow your site and rankings over time and build something special which becomes a big part of your overall business. From ecommerce owners through to local tradespeople, all can benefit from online growth and there are always different avenues and ideas that may currently be being missed.

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