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Years of Experience in WordPress
Marketing & Design

Working with content management systems from a young age, I knew WordPress was something special the moment it launched. Championing the platform and recommending it to others and agencies, I saw its amazing growth from day one to where it is now as the world’s leading website system.

I work with WordPress for my own websites as well as others and am involved in every aspect of the system, from its actual structure and the way it works, through to design, marketing and all other avenues. Many business owners are built a beautiful looking site, but it can lack the correct elements that can really transform your performance online and that’s where I can help!

WordPress Consulting & Implementation

I specialise in making the platform work for you, no matter what business you run. From smaller local businesses through to larger companies, your website is a huge part of being successful and it’s the crucial elements that are sometimes missed or overlooked.

In some cases I have spotted and put a stop to a design or decision that could have created a big problem further down the line. My experience with not only WordPress, but web design and digital marketing for many years allows me to look at the bigger picture. The decisions made when a website is designed or changed can have a knock on effect to not only how it performs, but also how the website sits and ranks in the major search engines such as Google.

I also work with implementing some of the leading plugins and add-ons that are available, from smaller niche plugins to add needed functionality, through to major required add-on such as WooCommerce for creating fully blown shopping experiences. I have either personally used or can recommend the best for the job.

Working with all WordPress Websites

New or Pre-Launch

Websites that are brand new or in the design stage can become problematic for business owners who are simply relying on just the web developer or designer. An amazing looking website may have many underlying issues that the designer is just not aware of and that is why it is important to have an experienced set of eyes overlook the work and launch.

Moving from an old website over to a fresh new site also needs to be done in a seamless way, with a smooth transition for the benefit of both search engines and visitors. Once a website has been launched I can advise and implement a growth strategy to propel your online business further.

Current & aged

Your existing WordPress website may be in need of an overhaul or strategy to make the most of how your company appears and works online. I can work with you on all aspects, from bringing your website up to date, through to growing content, making changes and attracting new visitors and leads to your websites.

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