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I have been working with WordPress sites and recommending them to clients and agencies since day one. Quickly becoming the leading CMS available, as an open source platform it allows publishers and businesses of all sizes to create a multitude of different websites. From huge ecommerce stores through to bloggers and influencers, WordPress has changed how people create websites, for the better!

The thing I love about using it, is the many options for expanding and growing your website over time. If you have an idea, there are ways of custom coding a solution, or in many cases using a pre-existing plugin. Sites can be grown out in different ways, depending on the type of business or idea you have. The site can be run as a default blog, shaped into a fully functioning business website, or built into an ecommerce giant using WooCommerce.

WordPress SEO

I know my way around WordPress, having used it as my personal platform of choice since its arrival and also creating and working on clients sites, I have become quite the expert. I’m guessing you are here because you (or your web designer) made the perfect choice when picking how to create your site! If you are now looking for a search engine optimisation specialist for this platform, I can help…

Out the box, WordPress is limited when it comes to optimisation and even a great looking website may be set up incorrectly from the start. Making sure the structure, design and other elements are all correct is an important starting point. Your site also needs to be optimised and tailored towards how you want it to be found in search and also just as importantly, edited to make a great user experience for the people visiting.

As a freelancer, I can offer one off optimisation of your website to help get you started, or tailor a monthly plan of ongoing growth, not just based around your WordPress website, but I can help you with all aspects of your online journey!

Growing your WordPress website further

Being successful online is not just about search engine optimisation. I offer many different services which can grow your online business over time, onsite and offsite. Adding regular content, updating and expanding your website as the business grows, allows a WordPress website to become a powerhouse in the search engines and push competitors to the side.

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